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Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry dealing with tooth restorations and tooth nerve treatments (tooth pulp).

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The patients’ aesthetic demands grow all the time. With the advancement of new, modern materials, the number of solutions dentistry offers today rises. In modern dentistry absolutely every problem has become solvable.

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If you miss a tooth, several teeth or all teeth in one or both jaws, we will look for a solution in the dental prosthodontics. In our dental office we offer all kinds of mobile and fixed prosthodontics.

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For your beautiful smile, apart from perfectly healthy teeth, it is necessary to take care of the tooth-supporting apparatus. It holds the tooth in its cup and consists of the alveolar (tooth) bone, gingiva (gums), periodontium (the fibers that connect the tooth and bone) and root cementum.

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Dental implantology

Implantology is the youngest branch of dentistry which proves that in dentistry everything has become possible. Whether you miss one or all the teeth in the jaw, thanks to the dental implants, now you can get fixed dental works.

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Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a part of dentistry which deals with all types of surgical interventions, whether simple or complicated.

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Pediatric dentistry

Our sweetest and dearest patients are children. We are especially proud of wonderful relationships we build with them and confidence they have in us.

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Orthodontics deals with the moving of teeth within the oral cavity and directing the growth of the jaws. One of the consequences of human evolution is that most children must wear dental braces to correct the discrepancy between the size of the jaw and the teeth.

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