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Dental implantology

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Implantology is the youngest branch of dentistry which proves that in dentistry everything has become possible. Whether you miss one or all the teeth in the jaw, thanks to the dental implants, now you can get fixed dental works. To be considered for the implant, you need a 3D jaw image, which the surgeon analyses and makes a detailed treatment plan.

The implant represents an artificial replacement of the tooth root (commonly known as a "screw") that is placed into the alveolar bone. With special surgical instruments, it is placed into the jawbone, procedure is done under the local anaesthesia, the entire procedure is painless, the wound is sutured, the sutures are removed after seven days, then we wait three months for the organism to accept the implant, the bone grows through its structures fully fusing it in the alveolar bone. The percentage of implant rejection is reduced to a minimum, less than 1%.

Three months after the implant placement the second part of the procedure follows: placing the superstructure. It is screwed into the implant and is visible in the mouth, made of titanium and has a shape of the prepared tooth. After the superstructure is installed, the impression for the definitive prosthetic work is taken.


In our dental practice, we work with the premium Straumann systems, Swiss production, which are identical anywhere in the world. If you are coming from abroad or are planning to move somewhere, we will issue a passport for your implants, so that anywhere in the world you could show your dentist which implant system was used.


After placing the implants, prosthetic work comes to the fore. Depending on the indications, it can be:

  • Implant prosthesis

  • Crown or bridge on the implants



In cases where the patient misses all the teeth, the problem can be solved in this way. First, the implants are placed. In collaboration with the surgeon, decisions about the number, location and position of the implants within the jaw are made. It is necessary to wait for three months, after which comes the next phase of the denture making.


When the implants are released, the superstructure will be made in the form of an attachment or a button and on those structures a denture will be made that will "lock" onto the implants. The prostheses made in this way are maximally reduced, they only have a dental saddle with teeth, while the palates are completely free. This makes them very comfortable to wear and the period of adjustment is shorter compared to conventional, standard total dentures.



If the patient is missing one tooth and all the other teeth are present in the jaw, the ideal solution is placing a dental implant and replacing the lost tooth with a crown. The implant is placed, then after the three months waiting, the superstructure that has the shape of the prepared tooth is placed and the impression with additional silicone is taken. Based on that impression, a non-metal or metal dental crown is made.


If the toothless field is larger, i.e. the patient is missing 2-3 or more teeth, 2-3 implants can be placed which will hold the whole bridge structure. There are situations when all teeth are compensated by fixed work. 4-6 implants are placed in the toothless jaw and after three months superstructures are placed and a circular dental bridge is made.


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